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An independent UX design agency in Dubai that connects brands with their audiences.

Based in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

About us

Say hello to your new creative partner.

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Who we are

Our structure is unique. We are the only major UX design agency where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. This reflects our conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and - above all - personal commitment.

What we do

From fast-paced proof of concepts to large-scale design thinking based service and product design programs. We maximise the return on the investment by collaboratively designing solutions that achieve the business goals and exceed the customer’s expectations.

What we have acheived so far.

When you partner with us, we take care of the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy more leads and revenue.

Solutions we have shipped
Revenue our clients acheived
Leads generated by our clients
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Our Services

We didn't reinvent the wheel, just design.

With the data-driven strategies, we can turn the organisation goals into real-life results.

Design Workshops

Embark on a collaborative journey through our client-focused design workshops. Ignite ideas, co-create solutions, and witness your vision come to life. Let's craft meaningful experiences together.

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UX & UI Designing

Elevate user experiences and amplify brand impact with our tailored UX and UI design services. We blend creativity and functionality to craft intuitive digital interfaces that captivate and resonate with your audience.

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User Experience Audit

Unlock the full potential of your digital presence with our comprehensive UX audit service. Pinpoint opportunities for improvement, enhance user satisfaction, and optimize your platform for maximum impact and engagement.

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ADA Compliance

Ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all with our ADA compliance services. We meticulously audit and enhance your digital assets, ensuring they meet the highest accessibility standards, creating an inclusive user experience for everyone.

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Conversion Rate

Transform visitors into customers with our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service. Through data-driven insights and strategic refinements, we boost your website's performance, turning clicks into conversions and maximizing your online success.

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SEO Audit

Unlock the full potential of your online presence. Our expert team meticulously analyzes your website, identifying optimization opportunities to boost visibility, increase organic traffic, and elevate your search engine rankings. Transform your digital strategy with data-driven insights.

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How we work?

01. Discover
We delve into understanding your brand, goals, and audience. Through research, stakeholder interviews, and market analysis, we define project objectives and user needs. This foundational step sets the strategic direction, ensuring a well-informed and targeted approach for the subsequent design process.
02. Define
We synthesise insights from Discovery, creating a clear project roadmap. This involves outlining design goals, user personas, and functionality requirements. Collaborative workshops refine concepts, fostering a shared vision. The result is a detailed project scope that guides the subsequent design phases.
03. Design
We bring concepts to life, crafting visually compelling and user-centric solutions. Wireframes and prototypes are iteratively refined, aligning with project goals. We collaborate closely, ensuring the seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality for an engaging and effective user experience.
04. Deliver
Our meticulously crafted designs come to fruition. We provide the complete design package, including assets and a robust design system. Collaborating with developers, we ensure a smooth transition from concept to implementation, delivering a polished and cohesive user experience ready for launch and success.

Subscription Benefits

Why choose subscription model?

Fixed monthly rate

No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each month.

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down as needed, and pause or cancel at anytime.

Top-notch quality

Insane design quality at your fingertips whenever you need it.

District47 is trusted by 100+ awesome clients.

The speed and quality at which they were able to take a concept and some rough, half-baked wireframes and turn them into an amazing and functional consumer-level product. I am blown away by the quality of work done by District47 agency.

Noshaba Kanwal
Co-Founder & CEO

The work ethic and user experience skills of the whole team really blew us away. They had tons of great ideas on reworking our in-app flow and design systems to best provide our users with an awesome, remarkable, and streamlined experience.

Naveed Ahmed
Founder & CEO

Exemplifying unparalleled technical expertise, District47 built a sophisticated and functional app that secured client and user affirmations, further improving their client's installation and client acquisition rates.

Fadi el Husseini
Founder & CEO

District47 replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee, with designs delivered so fast that it will blow your mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?
Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level designer now exceeds $100,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you're stuck paying for time you aren't able to utilize.

With the monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you're only paying your designer when you have work available for them.
Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?
Once subscribed, you're able to add as many design requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.
How fast will I receive my designs?
On average, most requests are completed in just two days or less. However, more complex requests can take longer.
Who are the designers?
You might be surprised to hear this, but District47 is actually an agency of one. This means you'll work directly with me, founder of District47. However, power-ups requests such as animations or custom illustrations are provided by partner designers.
How does the pause feature work?
We understand you may not have enough design work to fill up entire month. Perhaps you only have one or two design requests at the moment. That's where pausing your subscription comes in handy.

Billing cycles are based on 31 day period. Let's say you sign up and use the service for 21 days, and then decide to pause your subscription. This means that the billing cycle will be paused and you'll have 10 days of service remaining to be used anytime in the future.
What programs do you design in?
Most requests are designed using Figma, Sketch, and FigJam.
How do I request designs?
District47 offers a ton of flexibility in how you request designs using Trello. Some common ways clients request designs is directly via Trello, sharing Google docs or wireframes, or even recording a brief Loom video (for those who prefer not to write their briefs out). Basically, if it can be linked to or shared in Trello, it's fair game.
What if I don't like the design?
No worries! We'll continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.
Is there any design work you don't cover?
Absolutely. District47 does not cover the following design work: 3D modeling, animated graphics (GIFS, etc.), document design (medical forms, etc.), complex packaging, and extensive print design (magazines, books, etc.).
What if I only have a single request?
That's fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional design needs. There's no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste.
Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?
Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued.

Our Pricing

Get the power of the professional services with the simple price.

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Pause / cancel anytime
  • Up to 80 Hours of work
  • Best UX & UI Designing
  • Standard UX Audit
  • Standard SEO Audit
  • Standard ADA Compliance Review
  • Standard CRO Analysis
  • Standard Usability Testing
  • 4 Hours of Strategy Calls


Pause / cancel anytime
  • Up to 160 Hours of work
  • Best UX & UI Designing
  • Advanced UX Audit
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Detailed ADA Compliance Review & Recommendations
  • Advanced CRO Analysis
  • Detailed Usability Testing
  • 8 Hours of Strategy Calls


Pause / cancel anytime
  • Up to 160 Hours of work
  • Best UX & UI Designing
  • Advanced UX Audit
  • Advanced SEO Audit
  • Detailed ADA Compliance Review & Recommendations
  • Advanced CRO Analysis
  • Detailed Usability Testing
  • Unlimited Design Workshops
  • 16 Hours of Strategy Calls

Our Publications

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